pots for bonsai trees
pots for bonsai trees
pots for bonsai trees
2008 - 2016  all Thor pots where numbered and sold seperatly divided into the groups Palm size, 1 Hand and 2-4 Hand



october edition 2017
september edition 2017 - Dragon
august edition 2017 - Skål
I have named this edition Skål, which means skull, but also Cheers in Swedish. In older times, we drank our skål from our opponents skulls. Cheers in Swedish also mean container. Death is constantly present around us. Without deatht no life. So what can fit better as a theme for a pot for a lush plant or tree.
july edition 2017 - Gotham
june edition 2017 - Rectangular
may edition 2017 - From The Vault
april edition 2017 - Thaw
march edition 2017- Black and Blue
february edition 2017 - Skull Pot
january edition 2017 - Palm Sized
december edition 2016 - Iceland
Inspired by the jurney to Iceland.
november edition 2016 - Skulls
october edition 2016 - Velvet Violet
september edition 2016 - Nanban
august edition 2016 - Small conifers
july edition 2016 - Velvet Violet
june edition 2016 - Green Tones
may edition 2016 - Oxblood and Fire
april edition 2016 - Unglazed
march edition 2016 - Hues of Blue
february edition 2016 - Black and wh
january edition 2016 - Raw
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2017  and forward all Thor pots are released in a monthly edition. Press image to view each edition.



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Handmade unique stoneware bonsai pots by Thor Holvila of Sweden