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by Thor Holvila


CASTLE This design comes in many variations and colours. It was originally inspired by scyscrapers and was first released in the edition "Gotham" 2017. The idea behind it is to create a temple or a courtyard for the tree to ad to its history and legacy.

CORNERS Thor pots often features sculptures just on the corners. Often skulls, warriors, kings or themes from the norse sagas.

BLOCK FEETS Straight, stubborn pots anchored to the ground gives the tree a solid foundation to stand on.

CASCADE A large Thor cascade with block feets.

Chubby, primitive pots with splashes of glaze is one of Thor´s trademarks.

ORGANIC This organic shape comes in many variations but is always created from one piece of clay using pinch pot technique.

SQUARE A square pot is not as common as the rectanculars, but it has the advantage of giving you four fronts.

LANDSCAPE With carved water, rolling hills and landscapes this design comes in several colours and sizes but they all have the purpose to create a movement from nature into the horisontal and vertical lines.

FEETS Even if you can find a few cloud feets, most Thor pots has solid feets, or sculptured skulls, snakes, trolls or other creatures from the norse mythology.

THE SKULL POT Thor has been synonymous with the skull pot. It started with a custom order of a "real skull" and then became more abstract to become more naturalistic again. Death is the condition for all life, what can be more suitable for a container that holds a living plant?

Skull theme.


YGGDRASIL According to norse mythology we all live on the branches of the world tree Yggdrasil. Some Thor pots has the world tree sculptured on the sides.

Yggdrasil theme.




NIDHÖGG According to norse mythology the world tree Yggdrasil is protected by the dragonsnake Nidhögg that protects, and feeds of its roots.






ROOF TILE RED unglazed

GRANITE GREY unglazed This danish clay is reminiscent of the grey rocks along the Swedish Atlantic coast. It is raw and rough in nature, It goes very well together with silver/grey bark on decidious trees and also the colours of the conifers. It also works very well with deadwood. Suitable for: All trees, but especially Oak, Acer, Ash, Hawthorn and Privet.

GRANITE GREY unglazed miniature pot

GRANITE GREY unglazed cascade

VELVET VIOLET Detail that shows all the hues from blood red to purple with sometimes metalic tones and full of craters. (depends on how thick it is applied)

VELVET VIOLETT thinly applied

BLACK LAVA CLAY unglazed This black lava clay from Denmark is great for all kinds of trees and plants. Its raw, mystic and rough. Suitable for: Accent and Kusamono. Deadwood.

BLACK LAVA CLAY unglazed miniature


YELLOW Usually with dripping green.


FROST This glaze is reminiscent of the ice on the lake that glistens in the sun. It draws towards icy blue tones that is full of crystal puddles. Suitable for: Hawthorn, Oak, Acer, Ash, Azaleas, Malus and other flowering spieces.

FROST on bone white clay

FROST on Roof tile red clay



FOUNTAIN GLAZE on lava black clay

FIRE GLAZE on Bone white clay

FIRE GLAZE This glaze is unpredictable but stretches from yellow, through orange to intense red and blood. Just like the autumn colours of most deciduous trees. Suitable for: Elm, Ash, Birch, Hawthorn, Acer. Most deciduous and also Larch.

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