Handmade pots for bonsai trees

2 hand 1812-09 Thor Holvila


  • Outside measurements

    width: 310 mm / 12.2”  
    depth: 207 mm / 8.2” 
    height: 55 mm / 2.2” 
    deep inside: 37 mm / 1.5” 

  • Info

    Edition: December 2018 - ”Midvinter”
    No: 1812-09
    Style: Oval
    Clay: Groggy smoke
    Glaze: Unglazed
    Fired: Fully vitrified frost resistant stoneware
    Technique: Slab built

  • Thors comment

    " In europe, for the moment, the larger pots has a tendancy to move into a style of rock and stone like pots where irregularity and imitation of nature takes expression in the pot. This is my take on an oval in that style made in very rough clay and with an interresting internal, irregular shape."

  • About this edition

    THOR EDITIONS is handmade, unique and numbered pots that are released once a month under a dedicated theme.


    About the december edition "Midvinter” 
    "We have now reached the darkest time of the year, and just celebrated the midvinter solstice. While the wheel of the year takes a new turn it is also the most busiest time for me as a bonsai potter since it is now I make all custom ordered pots that are to be ready for spring. But part of doing commissions I have offcourse worked on my monthly release. The december edition is mostly unglazed, rustic sculptured pots in dark tones. But a few pearls of great glazes is in there. I am especially very happy with a very unique piece with details in sterling silver, and a few red ones with ash glaze. Very suitable for all conifers."