Handmade pots for bonsai trees

1 hand 2001-13 Thor Holvila

* Glazed by Carina Jern

  • Outside measurements

    width: 143 mm / 5.6”
    height: 62 mm / 2.4”
    deep inside: 46 mm / 1.8” 

  • Info

    Edition: january 2020 ”Trace of the dragon”
    Style: Round / Cascade
    Clay: Bone white
    Glaze: Ice white with crystals and blue and pink streaks
    Fired: Fully vitrified frost resistant stoneware
    Technique: Wheel thrown

  • Thors comment

    "This was very primitive looking before my wife Carina Jern draped it in a creamy glaze. I think it would suit very well with a rose or an orchid in it."

  • About this edition

    THOR EDITIONS is handmade, unique and numbered pots that are released once a month under a dedicated theme.

    About the edition "Trace of the Dragon”
    "There is two meanings of the name of this edition. One is that it is now two years ago, on the day, since I came back from my studies in Japan with Mr Hidemi "Shuhou" Kataoka in Tokoname, where I among making pots also helped out with sculpturing and restoring a 150 year old wallpiece depicting a monk riding a dragon among the clouds, wich became a symbol for the whole experience for me, and this edition is a homage to. Second is that it is also a comment on what is going on in the world right now, where I see it is as our mission to hunt down and kill the raging dragons that force fear upon us all. Now they are hiding deep in their caves, but can be traced by the brownish snow, left by their fuming breath that stains the entrance to their hiding place. To pin down evil, follow the trace of the dragon."