Handmade pots for bonsai trees

Palm size 2005-24 Thor Holvila


  • Outside measurements

    width: 114 mm / 4.5”
    depth: 99 mm / 3.9"
    height: 69 mm / 2.7”
    deep inside: 36 mm / 1.4” 

  • Info

    Edition: May 2020 ”by the Ocean”
    Style: Roch semi cascade
    Clay: Mixed
    Glaze: Unglazed
    Fired: Fully vitrified frost resistant stoneware
    Technique: Pinched

  • Thors comment

    "This pot would serve very nicely as a kusamono, large accent, or a cascading shohin bonsai."

  • About this edition

    THOR EDITIONS is handmade, unique and numbered pots that are released once a month under a dedicated theme.

    About the edition "by the Ocean”

    "Where hard meets soft, dry meets wet. Where the thin line, that has no matter, appears wich we have learned to know as "coast". At this edge of the knife, where the crystals of the rocks emit grey and brown, and the ocean reflects the blue sky, is where the magic happens. I would like to dedicate this edition to the ocean, wich my ancestors learned to master."