Handmade pots for bonsai trees

Palm size 2006-22 Thor Holvila


  • Outside measurements

    width: 100 mm / 3.9”
    height: 41 mm / 1.6 ”
    deep inside: 26 mm / 1.0” 

  • Info

    Edition: June 2020 ”Midsummer”
    Style: Squarish
    Clay: Bone white
    Glaze: Blue with green
    Fired: Fully vitrified frost resistant stoneware
    Technique: Slab built

  • Thors comment

    ”The cobalt floats out into the green like a cloud on a ink painting. This is one of the most beautytfull pots in this edition.”

  • About this edition

    THOR EDITIONS is handmade, unique and numbered pots that are released once a month under a dedicated theme.

    About the edition "Midsummer”

    "Midsummer is the longest day of the year when the arctic summernight is crowned by a never setting sun. From now the days are getting shorter and the winter is getting closer. It is a time for celebration when nature is at it´s´fullest bloom, and animal and man go crazy. I have tributed this edition to death and destruction, life and explosion. This is an edition full of skulls and mythological beings contrasting colours and movement. Härlig midsommar."