2 hand 2010-01 Thor Holvila

2 hand 2010-01 Thor Holvila


  • Outside measurements

    width: 363 mm / 14.3”
    height: 77 mm / 3.0”
    deep inside: 48 mm / 1.9” 

  • Info

    Edition: October 2020 ”Ways of the Dragon”
    Style: Round
    Clay: Groggy Granite grey
    Partially glazed and fully vitrified frost resistant stoneware

  • Thors comment

    "Large rounds like this pot are very versatile and gives you the option to view your tree from all angles. The rough grey clay also goes very well with most spieces of trees, both decidious and conifers with grey and silver tones in the bark." 

  • About this edition

    THOR EDITIONS is handmade, unique and numbered pots that are released once a month under a dedicated theme.

    WAYS OF THE DRAGON october edition 2020
    "The winged serpent exist in all ancient cultures from far east to the far west. It is a symbol belonging to kings and emperors, representing gods and wisdom, healing and thunder. It brings strength, health and good fortune and is a protector of treasures. What can be more suitable to set as a guardian for the bonsai tree? In this edition I have worked with the dragon theme, mainly the japanese bearded snake with rooster feets and the norse Midgårdsormen, that roams the sea after its own tail. But also the medieval fire spitting beast that dwells in it´s treasure chambers. My favourite though, is the dragon you can hint in the shape of a cloud on the sky, or in the smoke around the fire a dark autumn evening."

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