Thor Holvila 2201-07

Thor Holvila 2201-07


  • Outside measurements

    width: 226 mm / 8.9"
    depth: 156 mm / 6.1"
    height: 47 mm / 1.9"
    deep inside: 37 mm / 1.5"

  • Info

    Edition: January 2022 - Tribute
    Style: Rectangle
    Clay: Groggy bone white
    Glazed and fully vitrified frost resistant stoneware

  • Thors comment

    "The inspiration for the glaze on this pot came from the yellow-brown last year's grass that stands swaying in the wind outside the window of the studio."

  • About this edition

    THOR EDITIONS is handmade, unique and numbered pots that are released once a month under a dedicated theme.

    "In our society, it is more and more common to see one's own success, or adversity, as one's own achievement - when, however, it should be clear to us that we in fact have all those who paved the way for us in history to thank. I have therefore chosen to call this edition "Tribute" to honor those who have given me the tools to unite what has been with what is to come."