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Thor Holvila 2309-06

Thor Holvila 2309-06

Thors comment: 

"Lemon. Thickly applied lemon glaze, with craters, held back only by the leafy green glaze covering the feet. It makes you want to taste it!"



  • Outside measurements

    width: 217 mm / 8.5"
    depth: 148 mm / 5.8"
    height: 65 mm / 2.6"

    deep inside: 53 mm / 2.1"

  • Info

    Edition: september 2023 - Rectangle
    Style: Rectangle
    Clay: Bone white
    Glazed and fully vitrified frost resistant stoneware

  • About this edition

    THOR EDITIONS is handmade, unique and numbered pots that are released once a month under a dedicated theme

    "Although I mostly use oval and round pots for my own trees, rectangular ones are what my hands prefer to create. Perhaps because of the larger canvas the straight sides provides for glazing.The rectangle is masculine with its sharp corners and requires a masculine tree, several of the pots in this edition are in earth tones, but there are also some splashes of color that require color from the tree as well, in the form of flowering or fruit-bearing deciduous trees."

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