Saving the Dragon

Up on a loft at Shuuhous studio we found a few pieces of broken plaster that turned out to be a 150 year old mold of a sourcherer riding a dragon among beautifully carved clouds. The quality was outstanding and I wonder if that Is anyone living today that could make a carving like this? The fine curved lines, the gentle movement... The history behind it is that it was given to the Kataoka family 150 years ago and was originally made for casting tiles. It would look amazing as the front on a large cascade, or just as a piece of art to hang up on the wall. Hidemi gave me the honour to clean up all the marks after the cracks and recreate the missing parts in the process of trying to save it for the future.

The broken mold. The old plaster is in such a poor state that it literally is crumbling to pieces in my hands.

Puzzling it together.

Pressing clay into the old mold to make a new original that we can re-cast.

Cleaning and recreating the missing parts on the new original.

The new original ready to be casted.

Building a frame for the new plaster mold.

The plaster is stiff. Now it remains to flip it over and see the result.

The new mold ready to be used. Hopefully we will see this sculpture on a large pot from Shuuhou soon in the future. A unique piece of art is saved for the future.

Thank you.


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