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Bonsai at the graveyard - Tokoname

The Buddhist temples and burial sites have had a great impact on the aesthetics for bonsai pots. Originally created in China and then copied in Japan. This is clearly seen on the large stone water vessels, which is used to storage water for cleansing and watering the graves. But especially on the incense burners that stands at each grave. In many cases, only a drainage hole is missing. I have also been told that in China, before pots specifically for bonsai were made, incense plates and urns in bronze stone and ceramics where used for pots. The question arises, of course, then ... How does this translate to me? In wich cultural sphere do I find the background for my domestic trees?

Stone container at buddist temple used for holding water

Stone container for holding water

Incense burner, in stone, at a grave

Notice the drainage hole on the side on this incense burner.

Water containers

Incense burners

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